Design & Engineering

The Aarsleff Group are specialists in design and engineering with in-house teams working to develop conceptual and detailed designs for projects around the globe. Aarsleff’s design and engineering department is a ‘think tank’, helping to analyse a problem and find its most optimal solution, whilst also following the product and making requested changes and corrections throughout the life of the product. Not only in the planning and design phases, but also during the execution of the work. The Design & Engineering department work to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to solve complex ground engineering projects – by means of permanent as well as temporary structures. The expertise and capabilities of Design & Engineering makes the Aarsleff Group very competitive and attractive to its clients, ensuring a technically and financially strong solution to the customer’s project. The earlier Aarsleff is involved, the better it can provide consultancy to the client. Aarsleff can combine the client’s expectations and requirements with the users’ needs and the project’s potentials. Design & Engineering participates actively in standardisation work, in professional and industrial bodies and in development projects with universities and students. It determines the standards and participate in this way to the general development of Aarsleff’s specialist ground engineering technologies.

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